Alex Adamski-O’Toole

Crossfit Level 1

Cert III & IV in Fitness

First Aid & CPR



About Alex:

My one regret in life is not training CrossFit sooner! I first discovered CrossFit in 2011, not long after a shoulder injury had ruined any chance at making a career out of rugby league. Without any thought for technique or proper instruction, I jumped straight into a WOD with 25 unbroken Snatches. Having never had any experience or instruction in the Snatch, I only added to my shoulder troubles.  So I put CrossFit back on the shelf as far as my own training, but always took a great interest from the sidelines, marveling at the aptly named ‘Fittest on Earth’.

Finally, during the early parts of the COVID-19 pandemic, I put my career in marketing on hold and decided to follow my passion for fitness, running a small group training facility in Wynnum and starting my own CrossFit journey. And it’s been a passionate love affair ever since.

Becoming a part of the CULTIVAR community as one of the owners is like the culmination of a life long dream, but the work to make CULTIVAR the best it can be continues day in day out.

Likes – miscalculating how many calories I’ve consumed, putting heavy weights over my head, the Canberra Raiders (who break my heart every week), all sport in general.

Dislikes – things not going to my carefully crafted, 100 point plans. Also when people don’t let me pat their dog.


Pike Position HSPU (0”-5” Deficit)
Band Assisted bar Muscle-ups
Hollow Rocks

This is the third CrossFit box I've been to and it's by far, the best one. And here I'm telling you why: The coaches are focusing on the client, in the 1st place: our form, our improvement, and our enjoyment. Thanks!

Shelley Robertson

I like the location and the staff is very friendly and professional. I was impressed with the quality of equipment and my trainer was the highlight, indeed! Everyone is super friendly. I like the classes and variety.

Geoffrey Reed

Crossfit has changed my life. The obvious can be stated, Crossfit will make you look better. Crossfit has made me believe in myself. WOD’s that looked impossible I would accomplish one rep at a time.

Anna Black

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