Why is CrossFit so Expensive?

Why is CrossFit so Expensive?

One of the most frequent barriers to entry to CrossFit is the cost. We find most frequently people who say “CrossFit is expensive” are the ones who actually have no idea what CrossFit is, and therefore no idea on the value behind the price they are getting. There are three main points to consider before deciding CrossFit is too expensive:

What are you comparing it to?

When you sign up to a 24/7 style gym, your weekly membership fee is a rental fee for the gym equipment on the floor and nothing more. You pay, perhaps, $20 to simply have access to a range of equipment. if this setup brings you great fitness and strength results, it is definitely good value!

Meanwhile, a personal training session ranges from about $80 – $100 for a one hour slot.

CrossFit at Cultivar, on the other hand, is $59 per week. For this price you are given unlimited access to our full class schedule of 30+ sessions per week. If you come five times per week, that breaks down to just $12 a session.

2. What do I get for $12 dollars per session?

When you come to a CrossFit class, your experience includes the following:

A full one hour planned experience. Planned, as in the workout of the day, is crafted and programmed to fit in to not only the rest of the week of training, but the entire six-week block of programming. The warm up is both general and specific to make sure you are primed to get the most out of the workout, and a stretch at the end to make sure you begin your recovery immediately;

A qualified coach who actually cares about you to explain and demonstrate each movement including technique instructions. This coach knows you and what you need, just like a personal trainer. You will be given specific instructions on how to scale or modify any workout that you attend.

One on one specific attention from your coach. You are not thrown into a large group in the hope that you figure it out – we cap our classes at 20 members with two coaches to make sure you are getting the care and advice that you need;

Access to our gym from 5am – 9pm every day of the year. You have the ability to come in outside of class times and use the equipment at no extra charge.

We aim to provide you with a program that rivals your regular personal training session at a far lesser cost. We will keep you getting fitter and stronger through our coaching, and always ensure you are performing movements safely. We believe we offer the benefits of personal training within a community environment of group classes.

3. If you do not enjoy it, you can simply quit!

We do not have any contracts because we want you to want to come to the gym! We are confident in the services we offer and do not feel like we have to tie you down with a contract. Everyone prefers a different training style, and CrossFit is not for you, that is perfectly ok!

If you would like to experience CrossFit for yourself, you can come in for a free trial, no commitment necessary! When you do come to your trial, we meet with you personally in a one on one session. We want to get to know everything we need to know about you so that when you do enter our group classes, we already have a plan for this. You know the coach, you trust the coach, and you don’t need to worry about being lost in a large group.

    Enquire below and we will be in touch as soon as possible!