Cian’s Four Month Journey: Weight loss, community and competition

Cian’s Four Month Journey: Weight loss, community and competition

Cian Nunan started as a member at Cultivar Health in late October 2019. Cian had previously CrossFitted, but he had spent the last six months under the stress of getting married twice in two different countries! When Cian came to Cultivar, he had just returned from his honeymoon and was ready to get back into “normal” life. His new wife Leanne came with him, extremely intimidated by CrossFit but wanting to try and find a gym that she enjoyed after never quite finding the right fit.

Q: Cian, what changes have you noticed since you start at Cultivar?

Firstly, through CrossFit training and re-jigging my nutrition, my body weight has gone from 92.5kg down to 89kg. My waist measurement has also come down from 103cm to 96.5cm! Since getting back into training I have more energy during the day, I have trimmed up and really noticed that my cloths are fitting better. I am enjoying the gym again, which has had such a positive impact on my lifestyle.

Before joining Cultivar, if I missed training I would just accept it not train that day. I now find myself planning my day/ week around the gym to ensure I don’t miss a class!

Q: Why have you chosen CrossFit as your training method

CrossFit appeals to me as I have always played team sports, so when I finished playing rugby I had no motivation to train alone. I found training boring and I need goals around training that aren’t aesthetic to keep me motivated. CrossFit gives me the team environment that I got with rugby and goals that I can works towards, such as muscle ups and handstand push-ups.

Q: What is your favourite day at the gym?

I would say Saturday because of the partner style workout – I really enjoy working as a team and really pushing one another. I also enjoy the coffee and catch-up afterwards!

Q: How is it training with your wife?

I never thought I would say this .. but I am enjoying it.!

We have a completely different approach to the gym, but at Cultivar it works as we are doing very similar workouts and pushing one another. Also I love how Leanne is now a CrossFit pro and points out all my mistakes.

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