Emma Johnson – From Back Surgery to CrossFit

Emma Johnson – From Back Surgery to CrossFit

Emma, as the Cultivar Challenge winner, is a great introduction to our member spotlights. Without knowing it, Emma is a not only a motivation to many other members but also extremely welcoming to new people. We hope you can take some inspiration from Emma in your own journey.

Emma Johnson grew up active and regularly competed in different sports. From surf lifesaving, to netball, to surf boat rowing, Emma enjoyed being active. However, in her mid-twenties Emma encountered a serious injury to her lower back which took away her ability to lead that active lifestyle. Emma underwent surgery to repair her lower back disc hernia, after suffering for several years with chronic pain.


 In conjunction with that injury, Emma completed her Bachelor of Medical Imaging Science and a Graduate Diploma in Medical Ultrasound. It is fair to say that life got in the way of Emma’s previously active lifestyle!

Emma became one of our founding members in August 2019. Her first ever CrossFit workout was at our open day. Let’s hear more from Emma!


 Emma, why did you start CrossFit?

I moved from Cairns to Brisbane in 2019 and my friend Ellie was opening Cultivar Health. I had always wanted to give CrossFit a try, so I went along to open day and was immediately hooked!

Why hadn’t you started CrossFit before?

I was intimidated. I genuinely thought that only really strong and fit people could do CrossFit.

What part of joining Cultivar Health has surprised you the most?

The community! I have never received so much support in a gym or had so much fun! I also really appreciate the amount of time spent on making sure I have the right technique as that was one thing I was really concerned about before I started, coming in with a previous back injury.


 What differences have you noticed within yourself?

Number one difference is my strength. On the opening day in August, I could not even squat with the empty barbell, and I recently back squatted 55kgs! I have also built so much confidence with a wide range of movements and skills. I feel as though I have much more energy during my day, my body has changed shape, I have lost weight, I feel and look more toned and I have much more body confidence!

What keeps you coming back to Cultivar Health?

Primarily, despite all the above positive changes, it’s the people – the coaches and fellow athletes. It is always so much fun to come in at the beginning or end of your day and see familiar faces, catch up with friends and have a laugh. I love to sweat and work hard, and the workouts are always very challenging which makes me really push myself. I continue to be encouraged to make goals and push beyond what I thought I was capable of. This makes me want to keep coming every day.

I look forward to CrossFit and get excited to go to the gym every single day. It is the easiest part of my day!



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