Evie Overcomes Adversity.

Evie Overcomes Adversity.

Evie had three shoulders surgeries in 2020.

She had one shoulder surgery in 2019.

She had back surgery in 2016.

After her first surgery in 2020, Evie re-injured her shoulder diving to save a goal at soccer which led to her second surgery. Her third surgery was as a result of some screw placements and Evie’s body not managing the scar tissue.

Evie is just 20 years old. She is a talented and determined soccer goal keeper who has faced set back after set back but refuses to quit.


Evie is also one of our founding members, joining us with no CrossFit experience in August of 2019, with her twin sister. Since then, Evie has become a huge part of our close knit community and has introduced her partner, her sister and her sister’s roommate to Cultivar. Despite her injuries and surgeries, Evie has never taken herself away from Cultivar – she has been committed to her rehab, her mental health and her overall fitness throughout.


Evie refuses to give up on her dream of playing A-League as a goal keeper. At only 20 years old, she has been through more physical challenges than most of us risk in our entire lives. Part of that challenge is to make her body as strong as she possibly can.

In June of 2020, Evie weighed in at 68kg. After her 3rd surgery in December of 2020, Evie decided she needed to focus on her body as a whole instead of rehabbing only her shoulder. She decided to attack her nutrition to make her body as bullet proof as possible.


Evie signed up for our nutrition challenge and continued with ongoing coaching in 2021. She now weighs 75kg and is finally eating in a way that supports her body. Her rehab has come along in leaps and bounds, and Evie can finally see the benefits of all of her hard work.


Despite all of the obstacles in her way, Evie has never given up. She had the foresight to realise that more goes into injuries and rehab than simply waiting for time to pass. She works hard across the full spectrum of her health every day to give herself the best chance at recovery. Keep it up, Evie – we cannot wait to see what comes next for you!

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